RSS dispatches uniformed security officers to secure your property, employees, customers, facilities, and resources in every market and business sector in the US and Canada. We have a solid reputation of being one of the best security companies throughout our industry.

Managing a process of selecting and training security service professionals and follow up with our quality control program provides our clients with peace of mind.

Excellent customer service and efficient communication is among our top priorities. We work closely with our affiliates in providing client specific security in a variety of industries.

We make sure that our guards are there to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, crowd control and other unwanted activity for businesses & events.

Dependable, responsive service that will give individualized attention to your security needs.​ Local coordination, support and immediate management for any service request.

​No minimum contract period required – use us when you need us.

​Short and long term coverage available.

​You can verify our references from a list of our clients whom are immediately recognizable.