Uniformed Armed Security Guards

When or if the need arises, RSS can provide our clients armed security guards. These persons are trained and dedicated professionals who have an eye for detail and understand what it means to pay attention to their surroundings. These armed security guards will meet the necessary training requirements set forth by state or county that the store/facility is located.

Uniformed Unarmed Security Guards

RSS dispatches uniformed security officers to secure your property, employees, customers, facilities, and resources in every market and business sector in the US and Canada. We have a solid reputation of being one of the best security companies throughout our industry.

Managing a process of selecting and training security service professionals and follow up with our quality control program provides our clients with peace of mind.

Excellent customer service and efficient communication is among our top priorities. We work closely with our affiliates in providing client specific security in a variety of industries.

We make sure that our guards are there to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, crowd control and other unwanted activity for businesses & events.

Dependable, responsive service that will give individualized attention to your security needs.​ Local coordination, support and immediate management for any service request.

​No minimum contract period required – use us when you need us.

​Short and long term coverage available.

​You can verify our references from a list of our clients whom are immediately recognizable.

Off Duty Police Officers

When or if the need arises, RSS will arrange for off duty police officers to be on site. If wanted or needed, these officers can be plain clothed and be able to blend in with their surroundings. They are trained in any situations that may arise including theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, and other unwanted circumstances that may come about.

Emergency Response Service 24/7

RSS recognizes the need for emergency security services, whether in response to alarm malfunctions/fire watch, access control failures, power outages, workplace threats, property damage and other natural disasters. Live security coordinators are available 24/7 365 days per year. Our emergency services are a unique, flexible, and cost-effective means to providing experienced and vetted security officers for your short-term or long term needs.

Vehicle Patrol

Marked patrol vehicles offer a highly visible and effective way to deter crime; enforce rules and regulations; and foster a general sense of safety, security, and community.

Our security guards are fully licensed and insured to provide a wide range of patrol security services. This includes perimeter and surveillance patrols, observe and report, investigation of suspicious activity, power to arrest, alarm and emergency response, lockup and alarm, parking enforcement, public relations, communication, and general duties. If needed, we can provide guards that are also permitted to carry firearms, batons, or pepper spray, or certified in CPR and first aid. Mobile vehicle patrols of your campus, facility, warehouse, or lot are done in random patterns, this allows us to provide you with detailed reports with the times and frequency of patrols for complete accountability and documentation.

Temporary Guard Services

There are times when you may need our services temporarily, such as a crime spree in the area, contractors needing to do work in your location, not being able to secure your location, a special event, or disaster event. RSS is available 24/7 365 days per year.

Bigger is not always better, our customer service is what sets RSS apart from many of our competitors. Our communication with your corporate offices, the locations, our guards and / or the contractors who are requesting the service is impeccable.

RSS is detailed oriented and our commitment to excellence is what keeps our clients coming back. It’s because of our clients that we have been able to enjoy tremendous growth and success over the years.

The times and frequency of patrols for complete accountability and documentation.

Permanent Guard Services

RSS can provide permanent day-to-day unarmed or armed guard services for retail stores, distribution centers, restaurants or any other settings throughout the United States and Canada. These guards will be able to monitor, respond, and report to all safety and security issues. Since this will be on a permanent basis, guards will be able to understand the requirements of the location and needs for the job.

Interior & Exterior Patrols

Interior patrols allows the client to have an outside security professional who can observe, investigate, and report any suspicious activity at their location during business hours or overnight. Exterior patrols can provide parking enforcement, perimeter, surveillance and fire watch patrols. Both of these services gives our clients the peace of mind to know that their people and property are protected in a variety of ways.

Mobile Patrols

RSS understands that sometime you need a guard to be able to be mobile. We provide guards that are able to travel depending on your specific needs. They can follow a project if it needs to move sites, travel to multiple sites or dedicated location, and provide random spot checks to help deter criminal activity. Whatever your needs are for mobile patrols, RSS can supply them.

Alarm Services

Our highly trained, uniformed officers inspect your premises, check all access points, and set your alarm to provide you with the peace of mind that your property and assets are safe and protected.

Using private security guards to dependably lock up and set your alarm is one of the most effective ways to prevent loss and deter crime. It lowers your liability risk and may even reduce your business insurance premiums.

Instead of relying on your staff, trust our expertly trained officers to securely close your office, building or facility. They assess your vulnerabilities to set-up a daily lock-up and alarm routine, and follow a strict security protocol. Their procedures may include showing up at a designated time; inspecting all windows, doors, exits and entrances; checking that all personnel have left; checking for any threats and suspicious activity; setting the alarm; and logging all observations and activity in a daily log.

Special Events / Crowd Control

Special Events, whether large or small, need dedicated trained professionals who have an eye for detail and understand what it means to pay attention in a high capacity environment. We are truly committed to providing the best service at your event and making sure your people and property are protected during high occupancy situations. Our personnel are well-trained, well-groomed, professional uniformed security guards who are articulate and always have a positive attitude toward you and your guests.

Employee Escorts

Providing your employees with a safe environment inside, and outside of your facility is a role that we take very seriously. Our employee secure escort service extends that safety environment when employees leave the facility to their car or transport. Whether it’s due to a terminated employee or a high crime area, RSS will ensure the safety of your employees.