National Business Hurricane Plan Checklist

Business Hurricane Plan Checklist

Business Hurricane Plan – A  storm/hurricane readiness plan does not end at home. Frequently and not mentioned when it comes to storm/hurricane well-being is that of the work facility. Regardless of whether you are an employee or a business, it is fundamental to make proactive strides in planning for storm/hurricane and different catastrophes.

This Survival Plan below gives suggestions to enhance employee well-being, secure property and in addition protect essential business archives. Keep this plan convenient by printing it out to ensure you have secured all the significant strides before the Hurricane Season starts.

Utilizing these three key steps as rules will help as a guide that you are set up for any damages caused by any catastrophe. Moreover, it’s best to choose a backup location, where your business could still operate easily if the primary location is damaged. In the event that your business suffers physical damage make sure to assess, archive (document), and report the damages to your insurance agency at the earliest opportunity.


Step 1: Protect property

  • Put resources into and introduce screens or plywood keeping in mind the end goal is to shield windows and entryways from wind and debris.
  • Have your roof clear to guarantee it can withstand a storm.
  • Clear out any branches or trees in close proximity to your building that could conceivably fall and cause damage.
  • Sandbag any zone that is liable to flooding.
  • Secure any large furniture (bookshelves, racks, file organizers) to wall studs.
  • Migrate any important or delicate belonging.
  • Secure all utilities including water radiators, gas tanks, and warmers and if fundamental, raise them to higher areas to maintain a strategic distance from water and flooding.
  • Secure hardware, for example, PCs and other office gear with ties or Velcro.
  • Shut off every one of the utilities before a sea tempest making landfall if conceivable.


Step 2: Protect critical archives and data

  • Assign critical contacts to spare that are essential to business operations, for example, workers, banks, attorneys, bookkeepers, providers, and so forth.
  • Backup paperwork that is essential to your business, for example, insurance papers, contracts, tax returns, and bookkeeping files to prevent them from being lost due to water damage.
  • Seal these reports in waterproof compartments onsite.
  • Keep all your contacts and paperwork in an alternate, easy to find off-site area.

Step 3: Keep A Preparedness Checklist

Gather the following items in one area at your place of business should a bad weather hit while you are on the premises. This will help secure the well-being of your employees should bad weather hit amid normal working hours and with out any warning.

  • Battery operated radio or TV
  • Non-perishable three-day sustenance (food) supply for you and your representatives
  • Three day supply of water for you and your representatives (One gallon of water for every individual, every day)
  • Coolers and holders for water and washing
  • Covers, cushions, bunks, and seats
  • Emergency treatment Kit and medical aid manual
  • Electric lamps, batteries, light-sticks, flashlights
  • Toolbox (fundamental tools, gloves, and so on.)
  • Camera and film for archiving and documentation of damage
  • Whistle/signal flare to alert for help
  • Canvases, plastic sacks, duct tape
  • Cleaning supplies, including mops, towels and trash cans
  • Smoke alerts and fire extinguishers
  • Electric generator
  • Gas for vehicles, generators and other hardware
  • Money, ATM cards, Mastercards and proper ID
  • Crisis contact information, for example, the closest doctor’s facility and police, along with:

Life safety issues: 9-1-1
Small Business Administration (SBA): 1-800-359-2227
FEMA Tele-registration hot-line: 1-800-462-9029
Insurance company and agent’s contact information

For more data about your business hurricane plan and m ore references, download FEMA’s Business Toolkit or visit FEMA: Plan and Prepare for tips and further cases of steps you can take to set up your business. For a general flood and safety checklist download here.