Guarding Firms In A Customer Service World – Partnership & Communication Is Key

Security Guards are out in front of customers first in most cases. They are the first to observe customers and are there to provide a sense of security or be the deterrent. Security Guards should understand that in today’s world when hired by a brand (company) they become part of a bigger organization, one that goes beyond the traditional responsibilities and security guard duties. Such duties are: adapting to the company culture, working as a team while adhering to the customer service motto, and still executing their security guard role successfully. This is why strong communication and authentic partnerships are key to the success of hiring a good Security Guard firm that can meet all your needs.

Evolving Security Guard Roles

Getting back to the partnership relationship, having a streamlined workflow between the customer and the Security Guard firm will consolidate redundancies and promote accuracy on assignments. Things most companies keep in mind when recruiting a good Security Guard firm are that they truly understand the business, risks, goals and objectives of the company recruiting them.  No one wants a  “Yes” company that cannot deliver, it can be costly on many levels. Collaboratively working with a Security Guard firm regarding the allocation of resources, developing fluid communications channels and possessing a true commitment to succeed nurtures the environment for both parties to evolve with the industry and ensure a quality of service.

Of course, it is important to consistently measure the professionalism of Security Guards and its firm. Using customer-specific metrics will ensure Security Guards and their firm’s are meeting all service level agreements (SLAs). These SLAs are useful to producing accurate performance reports that can be used for business reviews or business process insights. The reports in most cases are available weekly, monthly or quarterly. If it can be measured, it can be quantified and optimized.

Sensitivity To Responsibilities

Most companies that recruit Guard firms look at the professionalism and presence of the Security Guards, the overall management of the force by their firm, their training programs, the benefits, and the use and familiarity of technology such as assignment fulfillment platforms or customer-preferred software. Ensuring that the Security Guard firm adapts to the customer needs and the company culture will streamline the work process and reinforce overall communication.

The little, everyday things make the difference when involving a good Security Guard. They should be able to make the perfect balance between meeting their assigned security duties while still being sensitive to a positive customer experience. This is taken into consideration since most guard duties might involve them being present at reception areas, turnstiles or revolving doors. In today’s world, Security Guards must have a clear understanding that in most cases they will be the first person customers see and how they execute their duties may affect that positive customer experience and or put their security guard duties at risk of not being met. This is why partnering with a qualified Security Guard firm that truly understands all your needs is important both for security and brand preservation.


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