6 Considerations for a Safe Employee Dismissal

The benefit of well-trained security officers who can detect and react to situations cannot be overstated.One of the most stressful actions at any company can be the dismissal of an employee. They are not easy and are uncomfortable for everyone involved. It is often emotional and distracting, even when they are well-planned and carried out following every tip in the HR handbook. Following a recent termination at a manufacturing facility, the dismissed employee walked to the company’s parking lot, started slashing car tires with a knife he had concealed in his pocket, went to his car to get a weapon and began randomly shooting in the area. Security officers on site expertly executed active shooter training protocol, instructing all personnel to immediately seek safe cover, while notifying local law enforcement. Notified by security officers that police officers were on their way, the dismissed employee ran to a nearby field, where he was arrested.

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